Why the “Lizard Lounge”?

The Lizard Lounge

Before moving to Winter Haven, deep in the heart of Central Florida, I dare say I could count the number of lizards I had ever seen in the wild on one hand. Living here, however, I feel as though I’ve landed smack dab in the middle of the reptile house at the zoo; thus the moniker “Lizard Lounge”, affectionately bestowed upon this mortgaged amalgam of sand and concrete block where the reptilians and I live.

I have no delusions that this place belongs to me; it belongs to those little prehistoric hangers-on – they were here first, way before there was a house or even a state. They sun on the porch railings and solemnly bob their heads to the rhythm of life, keep the insect population (ever so slightly) at bay, and provide hours of amusement and exercise for my dogs. I promise to avoid them with the lawn mower and they promise not to poop in the mailbox.

Actual ownership notwithstanding, the Lizard Lounge is my home – it feels like home now and it’s my intention that it will feel like home years from now when I’m retired and sitting on my (as yet built) patio in my (as yet built) lounge chair sipping (as yet brewed) iced tea. It’s not a house I’ve purchased to fix up and sell: it’s the place where I intend to wile away the balance of my days.

This isn’t the first house I’ve owned that I really liked (nor the biggest or the nicest), but it’s the first within which I’ve felt a deep peace and contentment. Maybe it’s due to maturity or maybe it’s the result of moments that have happened here that collectively provide intensely satisfying emotional cues. No doubt the fact that my salvation by God’s grace happened while living here plays a great part in that peace and contentment. Whatever the reasons, I feel as though it’s in this house that I’ve finally grown into the man God intended me to become.

This blog is about life here at the Lizard Lounge – house and home, flora and fauna, flotsam and jetsam, and the ongoing journey of creating a personal environment within which to grow and nurture my (occasionally) world-weary soul. In Psalm 116, verse 7 the psalmist writes: “Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” Indeed He has – I only have to look around.

Granted, it’s just a little concrete block Florida house, but it’s my little concrete block Florida house!

And it suits me just fine…

6 Responses to “Why the “Lizard Lounge”?”

  1. Martha Reiser Williams Says:

    Dusty, I love your blog. Great writing! And it encourages me to embrace and enjoy the ‘good things in life’ too.

  2. Dusty Says:

    Thanks, Martha – I’m glad you took a look. It’s definitely a fun exercise and suits my creative side.

  3. MaryJo Says:

    Dusty you’ve done an amazing job with the Lizard Lounge! The landscaping is beautiful….Winter Haven brought back fond memories. I grew up in St. Pete till we left when I was almost 10. I loved the lizards and frogs…you know how they kind of burrow down in the dirt around your bushes? I loved to dig them up and scare my mom with them.*LOL* You’re inspiring me to work harder with the few little plants I haven’t killed yet.:-)

  4. Bettye Evans Says:

    I love your house. You have done a wonderful job on it. Get you a rocking chair and point it toward the west and watch the sunset in the evenings. There is no place like home. love ya.

  5. Rachel Evans Says:

    Dusty, I am so glad to be on you friends list .I have enjoyed reading your pages. It has been a long time since I saw you but I have thought about you a lot of times and wondered how you were. So glad you are doing good . looking forward to reading the rest of your pages.

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